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Ed Dasso, The Interview, The Book

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Recently, Ed Dasso stopped by for a chat about himself and his newest contribution to the literary world, Don't Worry You'll Be Safe. Ed is a personal favorite author of mine.  His Jack Bass, Black Cloud Chronicles is a series that I am particularly addicted to.

Ed is a doctor and his unique perspective of PTSD lends a very real element to his character development.  I am a fan, as you can tell, and I recommend all of Ed's books.  

Don't Worry You'll Be Safe, is no exception.

Pick up the book, read the interview, and thank me later.

The Interview:

1.     Tell us about The Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles series.

A: Well, I think the premise for the character and the series is, “sometimes bad things happen to good people” and in the case of Jack Bass, his life is a series of finding himself thrust unwittingly into bad scenarios. Kind of the Charlie Brown of medical thrillers, if you will. The other main premise is that people can persevere, even flourish, in spite a life adversities. Mostly, though, I just tried to create characters and stories that readers could identify with and like.

2.     Your novels have reached number 1 on the amazon bestsellers list, how great is that feeling, especially for an independent author?

A: what can I say? Feels great! Honestly, I’m just glad that I’m creating something that so many people are enjoying – that’s what makes me feel good.

3.     When you're not writing, what does Ed Dasso get up to?

A: All kinds of trouble! Just kidding. I guess I mostly tinker with my hobby car and occasionally do some woodworking to build furniture that my daughter designs. Pretty low-key.

4.     Do you have a writing schedule? If so, what is it?

A: I wish! Actually, I do most of my writing early mornings. Nobody else is up so I get a good cup of coffee ready, put on my headphones and immerse myself in another reality. Time flies by and it’s a productive way to deal with my insomnia.

5.     You were an emergency doctor; I'm sure that life was interesting, would you ever write a novel based on your experiences? I bet it would make some interesting reading! 

A: Much of my writing is based on actual experiences – I might take some creative license with some of them but a lot of scenes were based on real-life events. Been right there in the middle of shootings, kidnappings and gang-fights – all right there within the walls of a hospital. Emergency rooms and operating rooms can be crazy places sometimes – I’ve gotten more guns and knives pulled on me in those settings than any other!

6.     Jack Bass started his career in the military and suffered PTSD; were you nervous writing on such a sensitive and widespread condition? 

A: A little. I worried some people might think I’m marginalizing an important health issue, especially related to veterans, but I hope that readers become interested in learning more about the condition after reading my books. People with PTSD are a group that can use all the empathy they can get from others.

7.     What's next for Jack Bass?
               A: I’m not sure. There are a couple of different ways I could go with the series – I’m hoping                   readers will help me decide. Will they be unhappy with the ending of Don’t Worry and want                   more? I’m not sure but am anxious to hear feedback. I’m also working on a spinoff series…but               I’m not letting any secrets out of the bag about that just yet. 

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